Terms & Conditions

Use of the Site

To buy from this site it is required that you meet the following requirements;

1.     Be over the age of 18 years of age

2.     If a minor be under guidance of a qualified guardian

3.     Be ready to adhere to the terms and conditions of use

4.     Commit to safe guard your user login credentials

5.     Provide correct contact details during registration.

The above requirements will help us server you better and if necessary we may be required to seek additional information to ensure that se are not dealing with fraudster


User Content Submissions

All content that you submit to this Site will become property and shall not be returnable. In addition when you post anything on this site, you shall not do so with forged identity but shall use your true identity as is captured in your identification documents. You shall therefore bare full responsibility of all submitted content.

Order acceptance

Please note that Bemaco Technologies is not obliged to accept any order, it may therefore occur that certain orders are rejected due to various reasons. We therefore reserve the right to accept or reject any order. No goods will be released to the buyer without full confirmation of payment. It is therefore necessary that a buyer offers full cooperation during the verification of payments. If any orders are rejected any payment hat had been submitted will be refunded less transaction charges. Such a refund will be effected within 2-5 days of rejection of the said order.


Though we strive to provide the most competitive and most accurate pricing information on this website, we are well aware that errors may occur both on pricing and technical specifications. It is therefore important that a shopper allows us to confirm the prices and technical details via an email confirmation. We endeavour to resolve such errors in the most professional way possible but we reserve the right to reject any orders placed under such errors. We also reserve the right to change the prices on this site without notice


An arbitrator shall be appointed in the event of disagreements & controversies that cannot be resolved by the primary parties to the dispute. Such an arbitrator shall be appointed in guidance with the Kenyan law and shall be neutral in resolving the dispute.

Governing Law

The laws governing the terms and conditions of this site shall be the Laws of the republic of Kenya and each party agrees to submit under such and by so doing agree to submit to the Kenyan courts.

Change & Termination

Bemaco Technologies reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of this site without notice and shall not be held accountable by any persons or organizations. Such changes or terminations will be guided by the principles of truth. Transparency and accountability and will be geared towards delivering better services to our clients. If terms and conditions of use of this site do not satisfy you please feel free to opt out

Force Majeure

We do take note that there are certain situations, circumstances and occurrences that may cause us to deviate from the laid down terms. Such situations and occurrences may include but are not limited to natural disasters such as floods, fires, strikes, war etc. Such occurrences are beyond our control and we shall therefore not be held accountable under such.