Privacy Policy

All information submitted on this site shall be used for the sole purposes of serving our better and will not be shared with other organizations. However our site may contain links to other websites and any of our customers accessing the said links will be responsible for their use of such links and Bemaco Technologies shall not be held responsible for information breaches arising from the use of such links.  The links provided on our site are free from spam and viruses and mostly point to manufacturer websites.

It is important to take note that cases may arise when the government of Kenya through its various agencies may demand information touching on certain transactions. When such cases arise they will be handled within the law and this may not be considered as a breach of confidentiality to the part of our customers. Where possible such release or sharing of information will be communicated to the affected customers.

This privacy policy may be reviewed from time to time and revised to meet the evolving challenges of the online shopper. All revisions will be done with the  customers interest  in mind.